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How To Improve Water Quality In Your Home

Why Is Water Treatment Imperative In Homes?

Water treatment is a privilege of innovative technology in the 20th and 21st century that allows for people not to be subjected to severe water issues that were a common occurrence in the early 20th century and before. Various bacteria and statistically-rare virus outbreaks would be the cause of dirty water—pollination was rampant, affecting the water and giving it a foul-taste. Unfortunately, there would typically only be one or two sources of water in a city that the entire population relied on and was forced to drink bad tasting water to survive. Today, water treatment is imperative in homes to prevent these types of widespread health concerns to keep families safe, home water filtration systems are significantly beneficial because of their ability to filtrate tap water, that might produce smelly water, and make it cleaner water.

The water issue we are battling in recent times is far less severe than in the past but can pose serious health effects no less. Common water issues we face include hard water when water dissolves naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium found in water systems. Researchers found that nearly 85% of American homes have hard water, leaving over half of the population quite vulnerable. The degree hardness in the water tends to vary across different communities and households, depending on how well-cared for the area is. Some homes or communities might suffer from buildup in their pipes and appliances that is affected by how often they use detergents or harsh hair products, a water issue like this can be solved through water softeners. Water softening is a process of removing minerals found in natural water, (remember we mentioned calcium and magnesium earlier?) as well as other harsh mental cations in hard water—water softener finished results makes cleaning far less tedious because it requires less soap for the same results. Water softeners are customary in homes, and quality softeners are imperative to have—the water softener system Odessa and Cullinan water softeners are one of the best home water solutions for purer, cleaner drinking water.

What Is Reverse Osmosis And How Does It Account For Purer Water?

Reverse osmosis is a process for water purification that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove various particles like ions, molecules from drinking water. Reverse osmosis drinking water is flushed from several contaminants that can account for bad water and impurities that can cause health issues by filtering it through a storage tank for activated-carbon filtration to improve water taste. The main water issue constitutes for the health effects brought about bacteria-riddled water—associated with developing nations and countries that endure severe water crisis often, industrial water treatment is not readily available in all countries. Because water accounts for nearly two-thirds of our body and impacts our bodies processes 100% of the time, reserve osmosis is very beneficial to developing populations, because water is a necessity to maintain a thriving country. To combat water problems, water filters are usually implemented and set-up throughout towns and cities to provide clean drinking water where nearly half of the natural reservoirs contain polluted water. Water shortages don’t solely impact developing countries as the media portrays, though. Americans have their own underlying challenges—a water issue that is very common but dangerous, chronic dehydration. The effects of chronic dehydration are cited as “the hidden epidemic” with approximately 75% of the population suffering from chronic dehydration. Through the use of reserve osmosis, home water systems will allow for all homes to produce safer, cleaner drinking water.

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Water Filter?

Improves overall taste and appearance of drinking water

Removal of synthetic chemicals that can negatively impact your health

Cost-effective and convenient, home water filtration also benefits the environment by using fewer water bottles

Solves a major water issue, protecting the body from disease and improves children’s developing immune systems

Improves skin hydration and promotes weight-loss (drinking 16 ounces before meals)

Coupled with water softeners like the water softener system Odessa, water filtering is far healthier than distilled, alkaline, and vitamin waters.

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