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Protecting Your Valuables Within Your Home

Your home is filled with your possessions, but there are some items that are more important than others. While you might think your 4K smart TV is one of your most prized possessions, there are items that are much more deserving of this title. In comparison, items like your birth certificate, tax information, bank documentation, and social security card are far more important. These are items that are tied to your identity. If anything were to ever happen to these, you’d be in serious financial trouble, running the risk of having your identity stolen.

Nearly 2 million burglaries take place each year in American households — that amounts to nearly one burglary taking place every 15 seconds. The most frustrating part of this is the fact that nearly 90% of these burglaries are never solved, meaning that your possessions are lost, never to be found again.

So how is it that we protect our valuable documentation, and high-priced items like jewelry? One of the easiest means of protection is the use of a floor safe — a safe that can be installed into the floor of your home. Normally discrete and easy to hide, floor safes are a sound way to protect your identity-bound documentation and any/all of the items in your home that would be a prime target for burglars. The benefit to these safes — which can also be utilized as business safes, or as a laptop safe — is that they allow you to protect the essential items and documents in your life, of which you would be at a serious loss if they were to be taken.

A beneficial safe accessory that comes with most of these safes is that they are both fireproof and waterproof. In the event of a fire breaking out in your home, these fireproof floor safes will similarly protect all of your essential items and documentation, ensuring that they remain untouched even through the worst conditions. So even if your home is unfortunately harmed by fire, the items you most need to rebuild post-fire will still be protected.

Along with protecting your high-priced items and personal documentation, floor safes can also be utilized to store away any firearms that might be within the household. Having a gun in the home is a fantastic means to protect your home in the event of a burglary or home break-in, but it can also lead towards unnecessary violence if a gun is not properly stored. Reports show that 33% of handguns are left loaded and unlocked
within the home, and that children most likely know where they are kept; roughly 36% of children are said to have handled their parents unlocked firearms when they are not home; almost 90% of accidental shooting deaths of children happen within the home, most often because of an unsecured firearm.

A floor safe is the surefire way to ensure that your handguns are secured, and that your family is protected from them. One of the best ways you can guarantee that no one goes about handling them improperly, it is best to store the handgun unloaded, meaning that the bullets are kept separately from the gun itself. With a floor safe, you can ensure that your documentation, possessions, and firearms are kept safe against the worst of conditions.

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