Plastic thumb guard,Prevent finger sucking,Thumb sucking guards Thumb Sucking From Health Concerns to Deterrents

Thumb Sucking From Health Concerns to Deterrents

Sucking is a natural reflex for infants, and roughly 95% will suck their thumbs. Once a child becomes two years old, however, their thumb sucking has likely become a habit rather than a reflex. It’s been estimated that ten percent of children will suck their thumb after two or three years of age. About five percent of children at four and five years of age will continue to suck their thumb. If a child does suck their thumb when they’re four, the American Dental Association reports that this is the best time to discourage the practice.

Health Concerns Regarding Thumb Sucking

When children suck their thumbs, fingers, or both, they tend to ingest a variety of bacteria. It’s been determined that there are 3,200 different types of bacteria on the average person’s hand. This of course includes children, many of whom don’t wash their hands as often as need be. While some of these bacteria may not create health issues, others will.

In some instances, children that suck their thumbs may develop speech impairments. By the time they are in first grade, five percent of children will exhibit some type of speech disorder. While some of these disorders are the result of thumb sucking, others may be attributed to separate or a combination of issues.

Finger and thumb sucking can also potentially lead to dental issues. This includes both overbites and underbites. More than 75% of these cases can benefit from early intervention such as thumb-sucking deterrents.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Parents may explore several thumb sucking remedies without seeing noticeable results. This is where anti thumb sucking devices can be beneficial. In addition to one or two thumb sucking gloves, another anti thumb sucking device is the TGuard. This appliance has proven its effectiveness with children that have the habit of sucking their thumbs. Recent data shows that it has been 90% effective, which is quite significant.

Learn More About Anti-Thumb-Sucking Devices

If you have a young child that sucks their thumb, it would be a good idea to bring this up at their next dental appointment. You may still want to discuss this issue if your child is less than four, especially if they aren’t showing any signs that they may quit. While some children may automatically quit this habit, others may need a bit of encouragement. An effective way to attain this goal is to use some type of anti thumb sucking device. Once your child no longer needs the device, remember to acknowledge this accomplishment in a positive fashion.

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