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Home Decor for Coastal Living

Wooden ship wheel

More than one-third of people in the United States — over 120 million — live in coastal or waterfront counties. For these people, decorating their homes can be a tough task, as there are limited themes that fit such a lifestyle: It’s nautical decorations or bust.

The home furnishing and decor industry is closing in on being worth $100 billion in the United States alone, so people are willing to spend money for the right look. In these coastal areas, the options for nautical decorations are numerous — some of them are more subtle than others.

While using treated wood or weather-beaten styles for tables, walls, and furniture can help achieve a nautical look, there are more glaring and fun examples. A common sight is a life preserver on the wall or a nautical clock in the shape of a wooden ship wheel. Or, if you’re feeling overly brave, you can swap out a clock shaped like a wheel for an actual decorative ship wheel — you could really lean in and go for pirate decorations all around!

Most people in the United States actually dislike their home decor; only about 20% are happy with it. This means you’re not alone if you feel hesitant about redecorating. However, it’s not all bad. A majority of both men and women would rather shop for their homes than shop for shoes.

So what do you do if you want these nautical decorations in your home
? Get out there and find them, of course. If you’re a store-browser, local retailers in coastal cities tend to eat up this style. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, seek out the small businesses who offer handmade, locally sourced items. If you’d rather get a deal, major retailers are aware of what’s popular — a Google search of “nautical decorations” brings up millions upon millions of results. You can simply choose a retailer that you trust.

Be sure to detemrine how “into” the nautical theme you’d like to get. While pricey, a small replica sailboat can be a good jumping-off point and is not as intrusive as some of the larger objects you might find. A giant globe, an old timey map, or a full-sized oar/paddle on the wall would be more cumbersome, but would also add to the feel of a waterfront lodge.

There are countless ways to go with nautical decorations, it’s up to you how deep you want to dive in.

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