Adult onesies pajamas

Trying to think of fun Christmas gifts for family and friends? You may want to check out adult footed pajamas. These cute and cuddly creations are perfect for people of all shapes and sizes, giving them something comfortable to wear when they go to bed, check the mail or just hang around the house! Best of all, adult footed pajamas are affordable, easy to clean and can last for years if properly taken care of.

Comfortable And Cozy

Let’s start with some common reasons why people wear adult footed pajamas — they’re just really comfortable! According to a recenty survey, nearly 75% of Americans wear pajamas to bed, while the rest will either sleep in the buff or wear something else entirely. Another poll found the average man will wear a pair of pajamas for almost two weeks in a row before washing them, compared to a woman’s 17 days.

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

You need a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries. If you don’t feel fully rested? You can struggle to concentrate, become irritable and even lower your immune system. Yikes! Four out of 10 Americans have been found to get less than the recommended amount of nightly sleep, with experts recommending around eight and a half hours per night for adults. A survey found 61% of respondents saying they don’t have many nightwear options to choose from, making adult footed pajamas an ideal gift for many!

Easy To Maintain

You won’t have to worry about a gift breaking or becoming worn out in a matter of weeks. Adult onesie pajamas are built to last. The thickness of fleece fabric will vary from 100 to 300, with 300 being the thickest and the least flexible — you can expect to see around 7% of overall shrinkage in your average washer and dryer cycles, so don’t worry about a gift not fitting after a few months! Medium sized adult pajamas will fit someone up to five feet and nine inches tall, though you can find plenty of larger varieties.

Plenty Of Designs

Last, but not least, you’ll have no shortage of designs to choose from. From basic colors to fun patterns and textures, adult footed pajamas are known for their incredible variety of design. Children often love their favorite cartoon or videogame characters, while adults may prefer something on the bold and simple side. With an additional variety of materials to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about appealing to someone’s specific tastes.

The Perfect Gift

Looking cute during the cold seasons? Good. Remaining easy to clean and maintain? Great. Encouraging a great night’s sleep? Absolutely perfect. Adult footed pajamas have fast become the go-to option for people who want to give their family and friends a thoughtful present without risking a product that doesn’t fit or doesn’t work. The average American household will spend nearly 4% of their income on clothing, so it stands to reason you’ll want to spend wisely. Know what you’re going to get for Christmas?

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