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4 Tips For Handling Toddler Screaming Tantrums

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Toddlers can be tricky to deal with. A couple days may go by without any toddler screaming tantrums breaking out, but then something happens and next thing you know, they?re red in the face and screaming as loud as they can. It doesn?t matter if it happens in public or in the privacy of your own home, dealing with toddler tantrums is something we all have to master at some point. In this article, we provide some tips that will help you stop toddler screaming tantrums in their tracks, making life easier for everyone involved.

There are a variety of ways you can work to prevent the terrible twos from rearing its ugly head. Start with their personality. If your child functions best on a strict schedule, then make a point to keep all naptime and bedtimes as consistent as possible. On the other hand, if your child enjoys a little spontaneity, don?t be so hard on them for not wanting to go down for a nap.

Another thing you can do to prevent the toddler screaming tantrums is to anticipate their needs. Do you have to go out for a bit? Bring along some snacks in case they get hungry. Are they acting sleepy while playing with their toys? Provide a blanket and they may find a spot to curl up for a nap. The more you?re able to determine what they need before they get to the point of frustration, the better your chances are of avoiding the terrible twos tantrums.

But, as we said before, sometimes the inevitable does happen and you?re left dealing with toddler tantrums. Here are tips for handling toddler screaming tantrums while in the moment:

  • Begin a Game: Distraction is usually your best bet when dealing with terrible twos. Start a game that they?re familiar with, like I Spy or Peek-a-boo, and they?ll soon forget about the tantrum in favor of playing with you.
    Pretend to See Something: Act like you see something far away and start asking questions about it. Once you catch your toddler?s attention, they?ll join you in searching for the object you thought you saw. Then you both can determine that nothing?s there and carry on with your day.
  • Talk in a Quiet Voice: Resist the urge to yell back at your child. They might not fully understand what they?re feeling or what?s going on in the situation. Respond in a quiet voice and they?ll have to stop crying in order to hear what you?re saying.
  • Ignore Your Toddler: As heartless as this may sound, it?s a very effective way to put a damper on toddler screaming tantrums. In most cases, your toddler may be screaming just because they can and want attention. As long as they can?t hurt themselves, it?s sometimes a good idea to leave them on their own for a bit until they simmer down.

How do you handle terrible twos behavior? Share in the comments below!

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