Ibogaine detox,Ibogaine drug treatment,Intake process The Ibogaine Treatment ProgramA Modern Miracle?

The Ibogaine Treatment ProgramA Modern Miracle?

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The benefits of ibogaine were unknown until the 1960’s. It is taken from the root of a West African shrub called Tabernanthe Iboga. Before it was found to be a treatment for the addiction of opiates, it was used for spiritual development as well as for the rite of passage into adulthood for those who lived in the same vicinity where the plant grew. The ibogaine treatment program has been shown to assist addicts to withdraw from herion, as well as other dangerous drugs, with few or no withdrawal symptoms. Researchers have found that, when taken, the first dose of ibogaine is successful 70 to 90 percent of the time in relieving symptoms of withdrawal from heroin, alcohol, methadone, or cocaine addiction, as well as symptoms of withdrawal from many other substances. A heroin addict by the name of Howard Lotsof first took ibogaine for his own pleasure, but found that, more than a day later, he was no longer experiencing the desire for heroin, and he had not one withdrawal symptom from having not taken any for that length of time. As a result, Howard Lotsof began a career of researching this plant and making it known to others as a helpful way to cure these addictions.

The ibogaine treatment program begins with an intake process. This gets the patient moving toward the actual treatment. The intake process will take a few days; however, in contrast to other drug treatment or detox programs, the ibogaine treatment program takes days, instead of months or years, and the ibogaine itself does not replace the additive drug with a drug less addictive but still harmful. Ibogaine’s victory dance is that it has been proven to be 98% effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms and preventing cravings for the alcohol or drug that would have been present in withdrawal with another type of treatment.

Addicts who have been interviewed have attested to the fact that illegal drugs can be found anywhere and are easily affordable. The highest percentages of people using illegal drugs are those between the ages of 18 and 25, and 90% of those admitted beginning their use of drugs and alcohol before turning 18.

At an ibogaine treatment center patients will begin by entering into the intake process. By the time they arrive at the facility they have already gone through a required pre-care program and have spoken with several members of the center, including a Recovery Coach. Over the next few days a licensed physician will perform a complete physical on the patient, including a drug screening, an EKG, and bloodwork. When this preparation has been completed, the patient will be taken to an ibogaine detox clinic where preparation for the actual treatment will be done. When it has been determined that the patient is physically ready, the ibogaine will be administered by a medical team at the direction of a lead physician. The next eight to 12 hours will consist of detoxing, meditation, and healing. Over the next four days the patient will spend time recuperating and participating in different types of therapy with other patients and staff. By the fourth day the patient is either ready to go to an after care facility or home, free of addiction and experiencing no withdrawal symptoms.

The ibogaine treatment program has proven to be successful and has grown in popularity over the last ten years. Researchers say that the plant is effective in helping the addict to feel better about him or herself while enabling them to reach down deep inside their subconcsious to recall whatever it was that caused them to turn to drugs for relief in the first place. When that takes place, the healing can be complete.

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