Construction company,Pole barns,Steel buildings Are Pre Engineered Metal Buildings Suitable for Farm Use?

Are Pre Engineered Metal Buildings Suitable for Farm Use?

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“No farms no food”. We’ve all seen the bumper stickers. If you’re lucky enough to have lived on a farm you appreciate the hard work that goes into producing the food and drink we consume everyday. And if you know any farmers or are a farmer yourself, you know how small the financial returns are in this most important of professions. However, a new and health conscious generation is beginning to pay attention to food and how it is produced, and to recognize the importance of farming. It may be a good time to invest in a new barn or equestrian facility, and your local pemb contractors can install one that will serve you faithfully for years and even decades.

The importance of farms
Agriculture is actually one of the most important sectors of the U.S. economy. In 2011 the gross output was worth more than 374 billion U.S. dollars. Agricultural products are also one of the leading U.S. exports, and are valued at $136.3bn per year. There are more than two million farms in the country, employing more than 750 thousand people. When you add on industries that process food and fiber, the size of the total workforce is 21 million.
Despite the importance of farming, it doesn’t pay all that well. All those stories of struggling farm families are not too far from the truth. That’s at least partly because out of every dollar consumers spend on food, only 16 cents goes to the farmers and ranchers directly. The rest goes to the costs of processing, marketing, transportation and distribution of farm products. In fact the farmers’ share had declined from the 31 cents per food dollar that they used to receive back in 1980.

The turn towards stewardship
As a new generation of Americans becomes more health- and food-conscious, farms are coming back into focus, in a positive light. People are becoming more aware of the importance of agriculture, and its connection to healthy food and water. Farmers too have stepped up their role as stewards of the land, using new techniques and methods to reduce erosion and to improve soil, air and water quality.
In fact with careful stewardship, soil erosion due to wind and water has declined by almost 50% since 1982. With support from farm bill initiatives, conservation buffers have been installed by farmers, ranchers and other landowners on more than 2 million miles of land. These buffers serve multiple purposes: they prevent soil erosion and fertilizer runoff, they provide habitat for wildlife, and they create scenic views. Overall, they contribute to improving soil, air and water quality.

Investing in new buildings
For farms looking to expand operations or to renovate pole barns and older buildings, concrete and steel buildings offer an alternative to the traditional use of wood. When installed by a qualified pemb contractor, such pre engineered metal building constructions are durable and lasting, and have many advantages. They are weather and water proof, so they work better than wood for storage or for livestock shelter.
Equestrian facilities too can be installed by pemb contractors. The prefabricated buildings are modular and can be arranged as needed. By doing away with the rot, mould and insects found in older buildings, they provide healthier quarters for the animals. They can also be equipped with firewalls and alarm and sprinkler systems, making them much safer than older barns, which were notorious fire hazards.

For new farm buildings like barns and equestrian facilities, prefabricated steel buildings are a safer, convenient and economical alternative. They be easily expanded if more space is needed later, and they last for along time without needing repairs. Pemb contractors can set up the buildings quickly and efficiently, and many of the buildings come with long warranties

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