Healthy food for picky toddlers,How to deal with toddler tantrums,Newborn not sleeping 3 Healthy Foods For Picky Kids That Will Help Transform Their Taste Buds

3 Healthy Foods For Picky Kids That Will Help Transform Their Taste Buds

Healthy foods for picky toddlers

Toddlers are a tough culinary crowd to please. And while dealing with terrible twos at dinner time seems like an olympic sport every now and again, it’s crucial that you tread carefully. According to research, children develop their taste preferences by the age of three. That means that any habits they form (whether you have enabled these habits or not) are likely to stick with them for the rest of their lives.
That being said, if you don’t want your toddlers to turn into chicken nugget munching, cookie hoarding young citizens of the world, then you should work hard to help train your child’s taste buds. Check out these healthy foods for picky kids that are full of flavor and will be sure to stimulate your tiny tot’s taste buds.

Mini Yogurt Parfait
The terrible twos are no match for healthy food disguised as dessert! Make mini yogurt parfaits for your tiny tot by layering a sundae dish with greek yogurt mixed with vanilla extract, fruit, and a granola of choice. Top with blueberries and a few chocolate chips and you have a treat packed with protein, fiber, and yum!

Build-Your-Own Taco Station
Nothing says toddler-friendly more than letting your child choose exactly what goes on their plate. Facilitate this experience by creating a taco station with a number of yummy and nutrient-packed ingredients, like guacamole, cheese, chicken breast, tomatoes, and lettuce. Kids and adults alike will love this delicious DIY treat!

Throw a Pizza Party
Once again, getting your kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to introduce them to different veggies and other healthy foods. What better food for picky toddlers than pizza? Set out a topping bar and have personal pizza pies prepared, allowing your kids to put whatever yummy toppings they wish to have.

What healthy foods for picky kids do you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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