Do You Have a Good Commercial Carpet Cleaner?

Residential carpet cleaning machines

You still remember the day it happened. It had been a pretty great day at the office and then someone suggested that it would be a good idea to clean out the copy room. It seemed like a great plan. Plenty of people on hand, most of the deadlines had already been met for the month. So, shelf by shelf and cupboard by cupboard the employers began to empty out the copy room so that you could deep clean the whole room. In all of the cleaning, however, no one noticed that the one box was leaking. Black toner from the laser printer seeped through the cardboard storage box and onto the hallway carpet. It wasn’t until everything was being put back in its place that the leak was noticed. What had started as a simple all hands on deck cleaning and sorting project, was now a carpet cleaning nightmare
The best commercial carpet cleaning business can make big problems seem manageable. Whether you are looking for a yearly commercial carpet cleaners or someone to come out in case of an emergency, the best commercial carpet cleaning company can work wonders on some of the biggest messes and stains.
Carpet and upholstery cleaning services often provide both residential and commercial services, but for really big industrial cleaning it is often best to contract with a company that specializes in commercial cleaning.
The U.S. carpet cleaning industry generates an estimated income of close to $4 billion in revenue annually. Their estimated 40,523 carpet cleaning businesses are located throughout the country and range in size from small family owned businesses to large franchised organizations.
With normal residential use, the average home carpet should be cleaned professionally at least once every 12 to 18 months. High-traffic areas, obviously, may need to be professionally cleaned on a quarterly basis. The best commercial carpet cleaning companies understand the importance of creating a clean environment while also keeping the business open for employers and customers. For this reason, many commercial cleaning services offer their customers scheduled weekend, holiday, or other empty office time services.
The added benefit to having regularly scheduled services is that professional cleaners are often able to apply stain resistant coatings while at the same time cleaning both carpet and upholstery. Those coatings can often make the emergency clean up of ink, blood and other stains much easier. Office carpet and other flooring surfaces are important investments. As such, it just makes good sense to properly clean and maintain those surfaces.

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