Lg remote control,Replacement remotes,Sharp remote control replacement How to Get Your Child to Turn Off the TV and Turn On Their Brain

How to Get Your Child to Turn Off the TV and Turn On Their Brain

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What does your television viewing say about your family? Do your kids spend the summer days sitting indoors watching Tv and playing video games? If you believe that your children may be spending too much time in front of the television here are some activities which may get them out of the house and moving.

Your TV Doesn’t Need to Be the Center of Your Home
An estimated 160 million U.S. homes own a television set.If you are like the majority of Americans you probably have at least two TVs in your home.Americans click on over 335 million television remote controls in their homes. But you with a couple of simple activities you can give family quality entertainment in the real world.

Put down the Philips Remote Control and Pick up the Phillips Head Screwdriver
Summer is an opportunity to teach your children new practical skills. Nothing can incite wonder in a child like building or fixing something with their own hands. There are several projects that you can start with your kids to get them to put down the Philips remote control and pick up the phillips head!

  • If you have a chair with a loose leg, bust out the screwdriver, teach the kids lefty loosey, righty tighty
  • Show the kids the finer points of garden care, teach your children how to plant flowers and weed the garden.
  • It might sound like an old idea, but with a little bit of wood and glue, build a birdhouse with the kids

Explore the Great Outdoors/Indoors
A great way to give you kids exercise and information at the same time is to go on walks. It can be a walk around your neighborhood, the park, the woods or even inside of your own yard. Ask your child questions about nature and the surrounding area. If your child asks you a question, take time to look up the answer together. Take inventory of your surroundings, count how many light switches there are in the house, keep your child’s observational skills sharp, that philips remote control can be used for more than surfing channels: see how many buttons are on all remotes, do the TV remote controls have the same number of buttons as the DVD player remote? You can make little fun quizzes about the surroundings outside and inside your home which can keep test taking skills in practice for when school comes back into session.

This summer get your family away from the television and get them engaged in the real world by challenging their observational and problem solving skills.

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