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3 Ways to Be Less Cliche for Your Wedding

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The moment that engagement ring slipped onto your excited little finger you knew: your wedding wouldn’t be like any of these you’d attended in the past. You immediately thew out the banquet hall idea, exclaiming, “Corporate event aren’t my thing, mom.” You may have a real vision for how things will pan out, but you should know, there are a lot of common themes to avoid if you want your wedding to truly stand out from the pack.

And pink. And probably red, too. If you really want to make a splash in your wedding plans, try a playful color scheme. Think chartreuse, melon, periwinkle. You might even consider brown or orange. The bottom line is that one in five brides chooses purple for her wedding day color scheme and you don’t have to be one in five!

2. If corporate events aren’t your thing, destinations might not be either
Sure, banquet halls have their perks. They take care of cleaning up and they’ve done enough weddings that the flow of the evening is usually flawless. But you don’t want a pre-manufactured wedding. You want flaws because flaws are what life is made of! The biggest flaw you are likely to have at a destination wedding is a late flight. All-inclusive and destination weddings are straight up calculated. If you want that element of surprise, you should actually consider staying close to home.

3.Marry old
The average bride says her vows around age 25. Marrying at 35 will automatically set you apart and, by that time, chartreuse might just be your favorite color. Once you’ve lived this extra 10 years, you’ve had 10 years to find more unusual wedding venues. Maybe you visited a brewery you loved or a park with extra flare? For the right price, any place can be a wedding venue. Not to mention, you’re likely to kick that “corporate events” feel in the back of brewery. Visit here for more.

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